Kru Gary

The world is about presenting your views in a clear and concise manner.  The Speech and Debate Club’s goal is to prepare students for debating in the All-Asians Format or World School Debating Format for domestic and international competition as well as individual speaking events.  Students debate topics that range from comparative issues to philosophical points of conflict.  The key point is that debate is about having fun, learning about the world, and improving one’s ability in English.  

Kru Tom

In the PHS Forensic Science Club, we will use a wide range of new equipment and techniques to study science and solve crimes. You will learn how to think like an FBI scientist, and analyse poisons, gunshots, hair, DNA, blood and fingerprints. We will set up and investigate crime scenes both in the lab and outside.


Kru Jim

At PHS we try to foster a balance of academics and friendly sport competition. The Table-Tennis Club is one opportunity where our students can participate in ping-pong games.  Along with friendly competitions of singles and doubles, we learn the rules of the game along with shot techniques.  This year we had 6 participants so there was a lot of playing time in the comfortable environment of the auditorium.

Kru LP

“Google Cardboard” brings immersive experiences to everyone in a simple and enjoyable way. Students are able to cut, fold, and build their own virtual reality cardboard viewer and are just one step away from experiencing VR on their smartphones. Apps allow the students to explore 3D landscapes, see 360 degree Youtube videos, and play games in an exciting way. Google Expeditions are guided tours of places school buses can’t go. They are comprised of virtual reality panoramas where teachers can guide a class of students wearing virtual reality viewers using a tablet to point out highlights of different places. Students keep and enjoy the VR cardboards they have made.

Kru John

We believe that every child at Panyarat High School should have a chance to learn code.  As stated by Code Academy, "Technology is radically changing every area of our society, from communication to government to how we do our jobs. Digital literacy is now a fundamental skill like reading and writing.” By learning to program, kids can have a say in how software shapes their world. Plus, programming teaches important reasoning, logic, and communication skills.  The Coding Club at PHS gives students the opportunity to further their knowledge of coding and explore other technology related topics.

Kru Nick

The PHS Maker's Club is based around the idea of getting kids involved in designing and building various projects using new design tools and collaborative practices.  The idea is to get students familiar with building working models that incorporate principles they are learning in their classrooms.  We work with various materials to create projects having to do with electronics, arts, mechanics, etc.  For example, in our first week we designed Homopolar Motors using batteries, Neodymium magnets, and copper wire.  The students were able to assemble a basic working electric motor and then add their own customization.  

The Maker's Club is a place where students are encouraged to make things, make mistakes, and learn from their mistakes.  Students are encouraged to customize projects themselves and experiment with their own creations.


Kru JJ & Kru Cliff

We live in an increasingly image saturated world of visual media  that is becoming more accessible to contribute to and interact with every day.   In Photography Club at Panyarat High School we provide interested learners with the knowledge to improve their skills as image makers.   Starting with the fundamentals of camera use and an understanding of the factors that determine exposure and image quality we encourage young photographers to begin to explore their areas of interest in various photographic genres.   An important goal of participating in Photography Club is to help the students start to develop a thematically unified collection of images beyond selfies or casual snapshots.

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