"As parents and educators, we want to raise kids to be safe, responsible, and

ethical in the digital world. Giving kids a solid understanding of how we expect

them to behave -- both online and off -- starts everyone off on the right foot.

Plus, it's actually a lot easier than that other talk."



Every year Panyarat High School holds a Digital Citizenship Month that includes students, parents and teachers.  The event focuses on how the choices we make when using technology affect us, specifically about balance, responsibility and safety.  Panyarat High School students spend one month working on projects and studying about Digital Citizenship.  Topics include: 

1.  Staying safe on the Internet.

2.  Cyberbullying

3.  Leaving a Positive Digital Footprint

4.  Information Literacy

5.  Is it okay to copy something from the Internet?

At the conclusion of Digital Citizenship Month we invite parents to attend our "Digital Citizenship Showcase" where students give presentations and showcase their work.  Additionally, we invite a special guest speaker to discuss Digital Citizenship with parents.


Are you a Digital Citizen?