M4-6 Field Trip Activities.


Panyarat High School has exciting  extra-curricular outdoor education field trips. Each year from M4-M6 the students participate in varied activities away from the school. Each with a different theme aimed at building different skills and attributes in the students.


M4- Education -  the focus is on applying education from the class in the natural world and observing the human impact on the environment.


M5 - Community - the students contribute to the community through fund-raising and community support.


M6 - Unity - team building, planning and decision making skills are honed through this Adventure Trip.


The goal of these trips is to give the students an understanding of the world beyond the classroom. Through using their skills and applying their knowledge and understanding in very real situations the students can see the value of their education. They are exposed to new environments, ideas and tools, in and with which they must work with their classmates and collaborate on tasks to complete their assignments.


Academic Year 2016-17


M4 - Cross-Curricular Field Trip


Students have the opportunity to use  maps  and geographical instruments and learn about the inter-relationship of various things in the natural system; They can recognize the relationship between man and natural environment , they present data and information accurately and plan for preservation of the environment using sustainable development.

Nov 25-27 2016: Muak Lek, Saraburi and Khao Yai, Nakorn Ratchasima


To supplement and support the M4 students’ in-class curriculum studies the students in M4 took part in a cross-curricular educational field trip to Khao Yai National Park, Pak Chong, Nakorn Ratchasima. The trip is organized in conjunction with Big Outdoors Education Centre which is professionally run by outdoor education specialists.


The fieldwork includes geography and science field study, which is a vital part of education, while English and Math are used extensively in the data handling and presentation.

The field work included studying the ecology and biodiversity of rivers, including;

  • ·         Measuring and recording river speed of flow and river channel cross sections. Identifying and explaining the formation of river features. Field sketching and annotations.

  • ·         Measuring tree height in the rainforest and determining carbon biomass of trees.

  • ·         Pollution assessment and stream invertebrate surveys to determine the impact of human activities on our environment.  Further study of local industries and its impact on the environment.

  • ·         Studying the vegetation variation and biodiversity along an environmental gradient and identify the adaptations of vegetation in a tropical Forest.

  • ·         Undertaking a tourism impact survey of sites around the area. This specifically includes identifying human impact and surveying a tourist site to obtain primary data.


This was a fantastic trip and enjoyed by everyone. Not only did the students have a great time, working in groups, they learned a great deal about the natural environment and human impact on this in Thailand.


The weekend finished with a Tourist survey at the Palio, which enabled all the students to indulge in ice cream and photos.


M5 - Community Support Field Trip

This enables the students acquisition of desirable values; continuous self-development as well as provision of services for social and common interests and concerns.

Feb 4-5th 2017, Muak Lek, Saraburi


Since the new year M5 students worked hard on a number of fund raising activities. This ranged from selling drinks and snacks at break times, collecting money in the markets to organising and holding the Annual Panyarat Fair.


They succeeded in collecting over 150,000 baht. This was collected to support the Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand schools. This year the recipient school was to be Khon Kaen. Along with collecting for the school, the project is also about taking the students from this school on a camp organised by our M5 students. On this we enjoyed a nature walk, swimming, karaoke, activities and a visit to Chok Chai farm to feed the animals at the petting zoo, ride the horses and eat the delicious ice cream.


This year the students that joined us were from the primary section of the school. They were between P1-and P4 ages.


1.Supachot Sasuti

2. Wassana Pomyip

3. Jakkapat Thepmongol

4.Ploy Kittithan

5. Jantima Mittawan

6. Thanawat Kritsana

7. Sirirat Charoenrat

8. Linlada Chatchawan

9. Namfon Luangthanee

10. Nikorn Treedaet

11. Pornpimon Passapong

12. Benjamaporn Sengmuang

13. Kriengkrai Chuakukru

14. Patchadaporn Denduang

15. Piyamit Puttachaiyon

16. Aksawut Nampanya

17. Wuttinan Nampanya

18. Pathihan Promudon

19. Nattani Pasa-at

20. Pannarin Daengnoi


It was a fantastic trip, enjoyed by all - work of this kind requires incredible patience, compassion and care from our students, and the Panyarat M5 students showed, once again, that they have this in abundance. They excelled in raising money,  taking care of the students while on camp, and also in making the camp a fun and rewarding activity for the blind students from Khon Kaen. Have a look at the pictures and see what fun it was!


M6 - Unity Trip


Students learn to be aware of and assess their personal qualities, skills, achievements and potential so that they can set personal goals;  to develop employability, team working and leadership skills and develop flexibility and resilience.

20-21 March 2017, Sattahip, Chonburi


The students are placed in two groups and engage in a fun, testing race against the clock. They must complete team tasks, make decisions together and plan their next action to complete a race against time.

Set over two days and two different legs; one in the ocean, on dinghies and a yacht, the other on land over hills and through the local towns.

The students navigate their way round the area and islands of Sattahip while completing activities that will build their skills, test their teamwork and encourage critical thinking and decision making.


This trip is a fantastic finale to the academic year for the M6 students; allowing them to relax a little and apply themselves to different skills that will help them as they move on to university.