At Panyarat High School we never forget that a global perspective is needed to be successful in today’s workplace and this will become increasingly important in the years to come.  Our attention to both traditional learning practices and 21st Century Learning sets us apart from other schools in Thailand.  Additionally, Panyarat High School teachers focus on a “21st Century Skills Framework” that students will need in their post-secondary education and future careers.  These 21st Century skills include critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.  Students who graduate from Panyarat will also have a strong set of information, media and technology skills.

PHS curriculum focuses on not only academics but developing a student's critical thinking, information technology and life skills.  PHS offers students the opportunity to take advantage of clubs, activities and academic competitions. 

A well rounded PHS student will have the following skills:

1. Core Subjects (the 3 Rs) and 21st Century Themes

2. Learning and Innovation Skills 

3. Information, Media and Technology Skills

4. Life and Career Skills

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